As application developers, we also need some infrastructure and hosting platforms for custom applications developed in Python/Django using PostgreSQL. Often, the Platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) available in the market are not suitable to us.

We ended up developing our own. We call it Nirvaris.IO.

It is a kind of PaaS, however, we use a Linux container-like cloud provider to set up a custom environment for you. Working close to you, we make sure your app lives healthy and scale as it needs.

  • We do not charge silly things. ie.: Rows in the data base and SSL
  • We charge for CPU, RAM and disk use only.

  • You would have full access to your container via terminal.

  • Python and Ruby are old friends, but all the others are welcome!

If you want to know more about this, send us an email at


The projects we work on are usually applications. However, every application or project needs a website. Aiming to offer a complete solution for our clients, we provide our own web hosting. We call it Nirvaris.HOST.

We offer high performance PHP hosting with ninja support. Click for more details.